The Holloways OfHalesowen


Samuel Holloway, born 1698 at Hales Owen, married Mary in 1719. In 1720 they had a son William. He was baptized at Hales Owen Church on 31st March 1720.


On 25th March 1749, William married Elizabeth Eaton. She presented him with six sons and one daughter:


Thomas born 5th November 1749 and baptized at Halesowen on 30th January 1750;

William baptized 15th December 1751 at Halesowen;

John baptized on 24th February 1754 at Halesowen;

Samuel baptized 15th August 1756 at Halesowen;

Elizabeth baptized 3rd February 1760 at Halesowen;

Edward baptized 28th February 1763 at Halesowen;

Henry baptized 25th July 1764 at Halesowen.


Thomas Holloway married Sarah or Sally Chatwin at Hales Owen Church on 26th November 1775. They had a number of children, which included:  

William baptized at St Johns Hales Owen on 9th June 1776 but who died` in infancy?

Mary baptized at St Johns Hales Owen on 23rd May 1779;

Richard baptized at St Johns Hales Owen on 31st May 1789;

Sally baptized at St Johns Hales Owen on 3rd July 1792;

William baptized at St Johns Hales Owen on 10th March 1793.

Thomas died at the age of 80 and was buried at Hales Owen on 6th March 1829.


William Holloway married Mary Hawkeswood 26th July 1772. They had seven children:


Rosanna baptized 3rd October 1773 at Hales Owen;

Nancy baptized 7th April 1776 at Hales Owen;

Joseph baptized 4th February 1781 at Hales Owen;

Henry baptized 13th October 1782 at Hales Owen;

Josiah baptized 12th June 1785 at Hales Owen;

Obedience baptized 14th June 1789 at Hales Owen;

Sarah baptized 8th September 1793 at Hales Owen.


There were a number of Hawkswoods in Hales Owen in the 1750ís, but it seems likely that Mary was the daughter of Thomas Hawkeswood and Joyce Round and was born 6th January 1751.


Josiah Holloway was buried at Hales Owen on 26th December 1826, age 41.


Obedience Holloway married Thomas Higgins at Old Swinford 26th December 1808.



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