Hales Owen Technical School Class 1 1962 Boys


Submitted by Alan Timmins who writes:-

'This is Hales Owen Technical School Class 1 1962 Boys. We were NOT all athletic enough to be in the main Rugby team. Mr Greenway (Flad) (centre) did an absolutely brilliant job though. Never discouraging - got the best out of what was there which for me was not a lot!'

             Back Row L to R   Stephen Workman, John Taylor, Alex Long, Mick Harvey, Stephen Grey, Bernard Partridge, John Southall, Brian Harris, Paul Southall, Paul Faulkner                                                                       

            Middle Row L to R   Stephen Hodgkins, Kelvin Shilvock, Laurence Harris, Alan Coley, Dale Southall, Peter Bowen, Michael  Taylor ,   Michael Sutton,  Paul Hartgroves,  Michael Bragg , Andrew Wankling, Robert  Cartwright

            Front Row seated L to R  Stephen Kirby,  John Blackham, Phillip Bayliss, Kevin Hackett, Mr Ray Greenway, Colin Roberson, Alan Timmins, William England, Grahame Warner





Lin Lamberg nee Holland had identified John Workman, John Taylor, Stephen Hodgkins and John Blackham.

Mick Harvey, fourth from left back row, has added Stephen Grey, Brian Harris, Paul Southall, Dale Southall, ? Bowen, Michael Sutton, Michael Taylor, Paul Hartgroves and

Stephen Kirby .

Kevin Hackett (4th from left, front row) writes :-

re the above - back row - it's actually Stephen Workman not John. The NK far right is Paul Faulkner
middle row - the NK is Alan Colley, Bowen is Peter (sometimes John) -  Michael Taylor is to the left of Michael Sutton, Michael Bragg is to the right of Paul Hartgroves
front row - the NK is William England'



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