Hill and Cakemore Girls School  September 1958

Below is a photograph sent in by Dennis Neale and shows the Girls of the Green (Kingsley) House, Hill and Cakemore Girls School in September 1958.

Dennis's wife, Linda Miriam nee Green, is standing in the back row next to the teacher , who she believes was Mr. Litherland , who lived in Forrest Road, Quinton and who was also the House Master. The girl next to Linda was a welsh girl named Gwen, who was living in Kent Road. All the rest of the girls came from the surrounding area.

Dennis thinks its about time Linda got around to contacting some of her old school mates so if anyone can put a name to any of these young girls

                                                                                                                              Contact Halesowenroots


I believe the girl sitting in the front row, three from the left could be my cousin Molly Ferraby. HR

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