Modified Register for Joseph SOUTHALL



First Generation  

      1. Joseph SOUTHALL  was born in 1758. He was christened1  on 13 Oct 1758 in Halesowen. He died2  on 24 Nov 1795 in Halesowen.

Joseph married3  Phebe WESTWOOD  daughter of John WESTWOOD and Elizabeth EDWARDS on 30 Nov 1779 in Belbroughton. Phebe was born in 1752. She was christened on 26 Apr 1752 in Belbroughton. She died4  on 10 Jun 1793 in Halesowen.  

They had the following children:

               2 F         i.  Elizabeth SOUTHALL  was born in 1780. She was christened on 27 Dec 1780 in Halesowen.


n/t m  

               3 M        ii.  Benjamin SOUTHALL  was born in 1782. He was christened on 23 Jun 1782 in Halesowen.


+          4 M       iii.  George SOUTHALL  was born in 1784. He died after 1861.

               5 F        iv.  Mary Ann SOUTHALL  was born in 1788. She was christened5  on 17 Sep 1788 in Halesowen.


n/t m


               6 M       v.  Samuel SOUTHALL  was born in 1790. He was christened6,7  on 21 Feb 1790 in Halesowen. He died in 1790. He was buried8  on 7 Mar 1790 in Halesowen.


n/t m




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Second Generation


      4. George SOUTHALL  (Joseph) was born in 1784 in Halesowen . He was christened1  on 12 Apr 1784 in Halesowen. He died after 1861.


poss m Johanna Woodbridge 22.1.1810 St Martin B'ham

n/t other kids George & Johanna

n/t bap Johanna


George married Hannah HYDE  before 1813. Hannah was born in 1790 in Frankley. She died after 1861.


They had the following children:


+          7 F         i.  Phoebe SOUTHWELL  was born in 1813. She died on 13 Nov 1883.


+          8 M        ii.  William SOUTHALL  was born in 1815. He died in 1876.


+          9 M       iii.  Joseph SOUTHWELL  was born in 1816. He died in 1887.


+        10 F        iv.  Ann SOUTHALL  was born in 1817. She died in Mar 1846.


+        11 M       v.  George SOUTHWELL  was born in 1823. He died in Mar 1892.


+        12 M       vi.  Charles SOUTHWELL  was born in 1824. He died after 1901.

             13 M      vii.  George SOUTHALL  was born in 1826.


not on 1881 census.


             14 F      viii.  Laura SOUTHALL  was born in 1826. She died after 1841.


n/t m


             15 F        ix.  Hannah SOUTHALL  was born in 1828 in Halesowen . She died after 1861.


n/t m unless 1.8.1875 H Joseph Smith

Did not m Benjamin Tayler 7.8.1859 Halesowen.....he was at home 1861



+        16 F        x.  Mary SOUTHALL  was born in 1829. She died after 1867.





  1. Parish Register.checked.



Third Generation


      7. Phoebe SOUTHWELL  (George, Joseph) was born in 1813 in Halesowen or Romsley. She died on 13 Nov 1883. She was buried on 18 Nov 1883.


Born Halesowen WOR.

Died Spring Hill Hasbury WOR.

Charles Withers Widower present at the death.


Phoebe married Charles WITHERS  son of John WITHERS and Elizabeth BACHE in 1833. Charles was born in 1812 in Halesowen . He was christened on 11 Oct 1812. He died on 20 May 1890. He was buried on 23 May 1890 in Halesowen.


Born Halesowen WOR.

lived 34 Spring Hill in 1851.

lived 105 Spring Hill "Beehive Inn." in 1861.

Died Spring Hill Hasbury.

Benjamin Withers Son present at the death.


DEATH: Probate to friends Geo Grove & Saml Goodman

Beehive left to dau Hannah IF she didn't marry Geo Corfield.



Charles and Phoebe had the following children:


+        17 M        i.  John SOUTHWELL OR WITHERS  was born in 1832. He died in 1888.

             18 M        ii.  David WITHERS  was born in Oct 1836 in Halesowen . He was christened1  on 9 Oct 1836 in Halesowen . He died on 16 Sep 1889.


b.Hasbury WOR.



lived Spring Hill Bee Hive Inn in 1881.



+        19 M       iii.  George WITHERS  was born in Feb 1839. He died on 28 Aug 1867.


+        20 M       iv.  Samuel WITHERS  was born in May 1841. He died on 14 Mar 1897.

             21 F        v.  Amelia or Mary WITHERS  was born on 10 Sep 1843 in Hasbury. She was christened2  on 11 Oct 1843 in Halesowen . She died after 1861.


Born Hasbury WOR.

Mary Withers in 1851.

Amelia Withers in 1861.

lived New Street Hasbury in 1881.

Mary Coley in 1901.





             22 F        vi.  Hannah WITHERS  was born in Jul 1846 in Halesowen . She was christened3  on 29 Jul 1846 in Halesowen . She died on 16 Mar 1895.


Born Hasbury WOR.

Died at "The Beehive Inn." Spring Hill  Hasbury.

Sarah Withers cousin present at the death.


PROBATE: brother Benj & friend Thomas Hall


Father left her Beehive if she didn't marry George Corfield


Cause of death: excision of breast, delirium tremens, & exhaustion - Kim Gamble


             23 M      vii.  Charles WITHERS  was born in 1849 in Hasbury. He was christened4  


on 17 Jan 1849 in Halesowen . He died on 30 Jan 1859.


Born Hasbury WOR.



+        24 M     viii.  Benjamin WITHERS  was born in Nov 1854. He died on 10 Jul 1925.


      8. William SOUTHALL  (George, Joseph) was born in 1815 in Halesowen. He died in 1876. He was buried5  on 6 Jun 1876 in Halesowen age 61.

William married6  Mary HACKETT  on 17 Jan 1836 in Oldswinford. Mary was born in 1817 in Halesowen. She died in 1888. She was buried7  on 29 Mar 1888 in Halesowen age 71.


They had the following children:


+        25 M        i.  George SOUTHALL  was born in Sep 1836. He died in 1871/1881.

             26 M        ii.  Joseph SOUTHALL  was born in Jun 1837.


not on 1851 census.


             27 F        iii.  Mary Ann SOUTHALL  was born in Jun 1837.


not on 1851 census.


             28 F        iv.  Eliza SOUTHALL  was born in 1838 in Halesowen.


+        29 F        v.  Johanna SOUTHALL  was born in 1841.

             30 M       vi.  Charles SOUTHALL  was born in 1844 in Halesowen.

             31 F       vii.  Emma SOUTHALL  was born in 1847 in Halesowen.


+        32 F      viii.  Mira or Maria SOUTHALL  was born in 1850.


+        33 M       ix.  William SOUTHWELL  was born in 1852.

             34 F        x.  Mary A SOUTHALL  was born in 1855.

             35 F        xi.  Ann Maria SOUTHALL  was born in 1858.

             36 F       xii.  Sarah SOUTHALL  was born in 1860.

Sarah married Thomas GRENNALL . Thomas was born in 1860 in Halesowen.

             37 F      xiii.  Georgina Mary Ann SOUTHWELL  was born in Oct 1855.

             38 F      xiv.  Lucy SOUTHALL  was born in Dec 1862. She died in Oct 1864.


      9. Joseph SOUTHWELL  (George, Joseph) was born in 1816 in Frankley. He died8  in 1887. He was buried9  on 15 Dec 1887 in Halesowen age 77.

Joseph married Rebecca  about 1833. Rebecca was born in 1809 in Hasbury.


They had the following children:

             39 M        i.  William Henry SOUTHWELL  was born in 1833.

             40 M        ii.  Benjamin SOUTHWELL  was born in Nov 1838. He died on 20 Feb 1839.

             41 M       iii.  Charles SOUTHWELL  was born in 1841.


    10. Ann SOUTHALL  (George, Joseph) was born in 1817 in Hunnington. She was christened10  on 23 Nov 1817 in Halesowen . She died in Mar 1846 in Gro Sb.



1851 NOT SPRING HILL AGE 27 - she was nee PRICE


Ann married11  Joseph LEA  son of David LEA on 29 Sep 1839 in Clent. Joseph was born in 1814 in Frankley.


They had the following children:

             42 M        i.  Charles LEA  was born in 1846 in Halesowen. He was christened on 25 Mar 1846 in Halesowen.


    11. George SOUTHWELL  (George, Joseph) was born in 1823 in Halesowen. He died in Mar 1892 in Gro Dd 6c 9.


George (lab from Rowley) children Ann, Hannah, Amy, Joseph, Camelia


John (shoemaker from Hasbury) children Ellen, Amelia *, Phoebe *, Walter, David George.


** were with George 1871 & Phoebe was with him 1881....she named George as her father on

wedding cert


WIFE LEAH 1861........CHECK .


George married12  Sarah HOUGHTON  daughter of John HOUGHTON and Hannah on 6 Dec 1846 in St Martin B'ham. Sarah was born in 1825 in Bromsgrove. She was christened13  on 28 Aug 1825 in Bromsgrove. She died in 1883. She was buried14  on 23 Dec 1883 in Halesowen age 58.


They had the following children:

             43 F         i.  Ann SOUTHWELL  was born in 1849 in Halesowen. She was christened15  on 25 Nov 1849 in Halesowen. She died after 1881.


+        44 F         ii.  Hannah SOUTHWELL  was born in 1851. She died after 1901.

             45 F        iii.  Amy SOUTHWELL  was born in 1857. She was christened16  on 25 Jan 1857 in Halesowen. She died in 1866. She was buried17  on 4 Mar 1866 in Cradley age 9.


+        46 M       iv.  Joseph SOUTHWELL  was born in 1859. He died after 1901.

             47 F        v.  Camelia SOUTHWELL  was born in 1862 in Rowley. She was christened18  on 31 Jan 1864 in Halesowen. She died after 1881.


+        48 F        vi.  Phoebe or Maggie SOUTHWELL  was born on 18 Apr 1868. She died on 16 Nov 1943.


    12. Charles SOUTHWELL  (George, Joseph) was born in 1824 in Halesowen . He died after 1901.

Charles married19  Alice JONES  daughter of Joseph JONES on 6 Jan 1857 in Halesowen. Alice was born in 1821 in Halesowen.


They had the following children:

             49 F         i.  Alice Dora SOUTHWELL  was born in 1858.





Alice married20  Samuel WILLIAMS  on 2 Sep 1885 in Halesowen. Samuel was born in 1858.

             50 M        ii.  Charles Richard SOUTHWELL  was born in 1858 in Halesowen.





Charles married21  Henrietta Karomina BLÖHM  on 5 Aug 1897 in Halesowen. Henrietta was born in 1868.


    16. Mary SOUTHALL  (George, Joseph) was born in 1829 in Halesowen . She died after 1867.


n/t 1881


Mary married22  John SAWYER  on 20 Sep 1857 in Halesowen. John was born in 1830.


They had the following children:

             51 M        i.  Joseph SAWYER  was born in 1867.  





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