David N Neale was a pupil at Halesowen Grammer School from September 1956 to August 1964. He has sent me this photograph of the Upper Sixth Science Group in 1963-64.

Grammar school upper 6th

Top row, left to right; Philip Palmer, 'Evo' Evans, Unknown, David Neale, Unknown, 'Dick' Richardson, John Guy, Stuart Grainger, Unknown,

Middle row, left to right; John 'Shack' Shakespeare, Donovan Goustelow, Christopher Pearson, Roger Noone, David 'Quam' Male, Michael 'Mick' Williams, Douglas 'Bat' Masterton, Unknown,

Bottom row, left to right;  Derek 'Debber'Walton, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Mr HarveyWordsall (Physics Teacher), Unknown, Unknown, Peter Cains, Reginald Etheridge.


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