Oxford Journal - Saturday 29 October 1757

On Thurfday laft died, at his Seat at the Grange, near Hales Owen, the Right Hon. Ferdinando Dudley Lea, Lord Dudley. His Lordihip died a Batchelor in the 47th year of his Age. The Title of Baron Dudley is very ancient, the Creation bearing Date 1307, in the Reign of King Edward 11. The Title is in Abeyance among his sifters.

Chester Chronicle - Friday 15 December 1797

On Saturday fe'nnight an inquft was taken on view of the body of Nancy Tooth, a fervant of Mr. Benjamin Parkes, of the Grange, near Hales-Owen, Shropfhire, -before Mr Edward Segear, Coroner for the faid county when it appeared upon evidence, that the girl's death was occafioned by taking a potion of mercury, adminiftered to her to occafion abortion, by one Edward Rea, a fellow fervant, by whom she was pregnant. After he had given the dofe, he left her, and with a view of concealing himfelf, removed to a place near the Hundred Houfe, -• Worcefterfhire, but where, however, he was apprehended, and by the Coroner has fince been committed to Shrewfbury gaol, to take his trial at the next affizes for the murder.

Worcester Journal - Saturday 16 February 1878

HALESOWEN. Opening a New Organ at Romsley Church in October last a bazaar was held in the ground of Mr. F. D. Lea Smith, The Grange, Hales Owen, for the purpose of raising funds to erect an organ in the ancient church of St. Kenelm, Romsley. The organ, which was built by Messrs. Bancroft and Son, Soho, Birmingham, was formally opened on Tuesday morning with a full choral service. The service was intoned by the Rev. Melville Moore, rector of Rushock, the sermon being preached by the Rev. R. Fletcher, vicar of the Lye. | Mr Jackson and the choir of Wollaston Church rendered very efficient aid. The church was beautifully decorated by Mrs. Lea Smith, Miss Gilbanks, and Mrs. Moseley. The approach to the church from the road was tastefully adorned with triumphal arches and festoons of flowers and evergreens, the work of the inhabitants of Romsley. Amongst those present were Mr. F. D. Lea Smith, Mrs. Lea Smith and party, the Ven. Archdeacon Hone and Miss Hone, the Revs. Wood, Bourlay, Bower, Thompson, and Gilbanks ; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moseley, Mr. and Mrs. R. Cooks, Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Bloxham, Mr. B. Wooldridge, Mr. and Miss Fellows, Mrs. and Misses Hingley, Mr. aud Miss smart, Mr and Mrs. and Misses Follows, Miss Hayes, Mrs. and Miss Green, &c. At the end of the service a collection was made in aid of the organ fund and amounted to £9. 7s 10d  The organ has been erected solely through the exertions of Mrs. Lea Smith.

Birmingham Gazette - Monday 17 August 1914

Mr. S. Somers, of the Grange, Halesowen. has offered a portion of his residence for use as a hospital for injured sailors and soldiers. He is also equipping an ambulance force for the front.

Birmingham Gazette - Friday 02 October 1914

WOUNDED HALESOWEN. Arrangements have now been completed for the reception of wounded men at The Grange, Halesowen, the residence of Mr. S. S. Somers. Local ladies connected with the Red Cross Association will work under trained supervision in relays of four hours. The wounded men will arrive on Monday, twelve beds having been provided.


Birmingham Gazette - Monday 22 February 1915

SPY AS CLERGYMAN. Private H. Knowles, of the King’s Liverpool Regiment, who is staying at The Grange, Halesowen, where Mr. S. S. Somers has fitted up a temporary hospital, says that spies are very numerous in Belgium, and their daring astonishing. On one occasion a man who represented himself to a French clergyman became attached to the British troops. He assisted several times at funerals of British soldiers killed action. Later on the British troops were relieved by the French, who kept watch the movements of the "clergyman," who was discovered to be a spy and was shot.

Birmingham Daily Post - Tuesday 07 December 1915

UNDER-HOUSEMAID Wanted at once; seven maids kept.— Apply. Mrs. Somers. The Grange, Hales Owen.

Birmingham Daily Post - Friday 05 May 1916

GARDENER—Wanted good all-round Second Man—State age, wages, experience. Gardener. The Grange, Hales Owen.

Birmingham Daily Post - Friday 02 March 1917

MILITARY CROSS. Acting Captain Denis O’Hagan, of the Royal Fusiliers, -whose home is at The Grange, Hales Owen, is amongst recipients of the Military Cross. The official record states that, “although wounded, did excellent work in reorganising his own men and men of other units in captured position and in forming a defensive flank when some neighbouring units had been held up. He set a fine example courage and coolness throughout.” Captain O'Hagan was in East Africa when war broke cut. and enlisted at the age of 17 years.

Birmingham Gazette - Saturday 02 February 1918

HOSPITAL WORKERS. Included amongst those whose names have been brought to the notice the Secretary of State for valuable services rendered in connection with the establishment. maintenance, and administration hospitals are the Countess of Dudley; the Hon. Mrs. (Elizabeth Odeyne) Hodgson, Clopton War Hospital, Stratford-on-Avon; Mrs. Margaret Headlam, Quarry Place Hospital, Shrewsbury; • Miss Charlotte Hughes. St. John’s Hospital, Shrewsbury; Mrs. Ruby Somers, The Grange, Halesowen, Worcestershire; Mrs. Louise Garland. Moreton Paddox, Warwick; Mrs. Edith Mary Spendlove, Burton-on-Trent VA.D, Hospital, Nottingham.