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Iron Age, Romano-British and Medieval Artefacts from Halesowen   (Continued)


The sherd in Photograph P is part of a Samian ware bowl or dish and probably originates in Gaul. This high status table ware is known for its gloss-red slip finish and highly decorated designs on many of the vessels. It was imported into Britain from the mid 1st to the mid 3rd century. For the people living on our sites these vessels must have been highly desirable and precious possessions.



Photographs Q to U are all from the late medieval period between the 13th and 16th centuries. All five pieces are broken jug handles, known as strap handles. Three of the pieces are hard fired Midland white-wares, the other two being Midland sandy-wares.

Photograph Q is of a Midland sandy-ware piece with no decoration but an interesting form. It has a partial, dirty yellowish glaze.




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